Dazzle Dance Dress Rentals - Ballroom Dress Rentals - Latin, Rhythm, Smooth and Standard Ballroom Dresses

Rent a dazzling ballroom dress for your next competition!

Rent or purchase quality Rhythm, Latin, Standard, or Smooth ballroom dance dresses for your next competition or showcase from sizes 0-18. Designer ballroom dresses at affordable prices!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered!

 Why rent? –

  1. Get a gorgeous dress for a fraction of the cost of purchasing. Look amazing without spending a fortune!

  2. Wear a different dress at each competition! Or rent a different dress for scholarships!

  3. No storage. No cleaning bill. No gluing stones or sewing straps. All the fun and none of the fuss!

  4. Economical and Eco friendly! Rent a dress for less than 1/10th of the purchase price! Plus dresses are reused to be kind to the environment. All shipping materials are also recycled.

How to Rent -   Choose a dress (or 2!), choose the rental dates for either try on or event rental in the online calendar, and complete your payment. We accept any credit card via PayPal. Over the phone reservations may incur an additional fee, except for dress purchases billed via invoice.

Can I try them on? YES! – We highly recommend trying on the dress before renting.  That way you can pick the perfect one and not worry about a wardrobe malfunction. Please reserve a try on rental for the dress(es) of your choice. We recommend trying 2 to 3 dresses. in case one does not fit.  If you try on a dress within 20 days of your event, and decide to rent the dress, you may be able to keep the dress until your event and ship it back when done, max of 5 days after event rental start date.  Please contact us to arrange the reservation and make full payment, if dress is available.

Try On Fee - the $15 fee can apply to rental of that specific dress only, and does not apply to any other dress rental.

Payment -We accept PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards.

Security Deposit - a refundable security deposit of $150 is required for each dress.  This charge is fully refundable upon return of the dress, less any damage or late fees.  This is used instead of putting a hold authorization on your card for the full price of the dress, which can be several thousand dollars per dress.  We want to refund your money back, so please return your dresses on time and undamaged!

Dresses and Sizing- we do our best to represent the dresses with accurate sizing, but this can change due to body shape or elasticity of the dress.  All dresses and fit a range of sizes, as indicated on each dress page and there is only one of each dress. All dress sizes are approximate due to stretch of the material and design of the dress.  We provide try-ons as a way to allow you to test fit a dress prior to committing to a rental.  If the dress does not fit as you would like, you do not need to rent it.  

Alterations - the dresses cannot be altered in any way.  Do not cut out the bra cups or alter any hemlines or accessories.  Any alterations will be treated as damages and you will be charged for repair up to the full price of the dress.

Cancellation - Cancellation within 21 days of the start date will incur the full rental fee per dress.  Cancellations prior to that will be charged a 25% of the rental price cancellation fee.  There are no refunds or pro-rated refunds of any kind.  There are no refunds for cancelled try-on reservations. Unused shipping, security deposits, and taxes will be refunded.

Late payment fees -Renters who are in possession of their dress within 21 days prior to their start date but do not make full payment of the rental amount will be assessed a $10/day late fee, per day, per dress, until payment is made.  We will charge your card for you, but should it decline, late payment fees will be assessed until payment is made.

Late return fees - Dresses returned late are $50/day, per dress.  Be sure to ship on time and use the required 2 day shipping. Late fees will automatically be deducted from security deposits.

Expedited handling fee - if you need a dress in less than 7 days from today, an additional $50 handling fee applies, plus any express shipping costs. 

Dresses shipped early - Any dresses received prior to your specified rental start date will incur no additional fees.  We would rather you get it a day early than a day late!

Do I need to clean the dress? – Nope!  Put it back in the bag, zip it shut,  and ship it back. Cleaning is included in the price of the rental, excluding any damage.

Can I purchase a dress? - Absolutely love the dress? The purchase price is listed on dresses that are available for purchase.  Also, check our dresses for sale page for current listings. (Not all dresses are available for purchase). We do not make custom dresses and cannot do any alterations.

My event date is within 21 days of my try on - please contact us by the shipping return date, as you may be able to keep the dress until your event. 

Shipping – US shipping charges are $20 for 2-3 day priority shipping for up to 3 dresses,  We also do overnight shipping if you need a dress right away, for an additional fee and expedited shipping cost.  Please contact us directly for dress availability and shipping charges.

Return Shipping- Please follow the instructions included with the dress shipment!  Even if you have rented from another company, our instructions may be different!!!  It is the Renter's responsibility to follow the instructions and return the dresses on time via 2 day shipping, using their own shipping method. Please ship the dresses back on your return date via 2 day shipping.  Avoid late charges and ensure other clients receive their dresses on time by shipping on time! Please visit our shipping and returns page for more details.

Local pick-ups - We are no longer able to offer this service.

Over the phone payment fee - payments made via phone will incur a fee of $5.

Need help? Have additional questions?- Please feel free to email or call us to get your answer!  We want to make it easy for you to rent a dazzling dress and have a great time dancing. 

Dress Etiquette

1.) Always wear underwear when trying on or wearing a dress. Wearing a pantyliner is also preferrable to prevent stains and for hygiene.

2.) Complete all spray tanning at least 24 hours before wearing a dress and shower before wearing the dress.

3.) Do not wear perfume.

4.) Do not use Pro Tan tanning products.

5.) Do not eat while wearing a dress.

6.) Remove the dress as soon as you are done with your event.  Excessive sweat can discolor fabrics, especially with spray tan. Turn the dress inside out and let air dry. Place in plastic bag to return ship.

7.) If food, blood, makeup, hair product, or sweat gets on the dress, spot clean with cold water and clean cloth.

8.) Remove wrinkles by hanging the dress up and using light steam.  

9.) Do not dry clean any dress, as this can cause the rhinestones to fall off and damage sensitive fabric.

10.) Wear appropriate ballroom jewelry to prevent any fabric snags.

11.) Avoid standing on the hemline and make sure shoes will not get caught in skirts.

Why Rent from Dazzle Dance Dress Rentals?

  1. Online dress rental calendar- see exactly when your dress is available and reserve it! No waiting for return calls or emails.  All the info is at your fingertips. Reserve the dress on the day you need it.

  2. Secure online payment – we use a secure payment system and so your payment information is kept private.

  3. All dresses in great condition.  We would not send you anything that we would not wear ourselves. If you find something wrong with a dress, please let us know so we can fix it.

  4. Superior customer service. We want to earn your business and keep it!



Last updated 2/13/2019