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Rent a dazzling ballroom dress for your next competition!

Rent or purchase quality Rhythm, Latin, Standard, or Smooth ballroom dance dresses for your next competition or showcase from sizes 0-18. Designer ballroom dresses at affordable prices!

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Dress Rental Etiquette

Here are some tips to make dress rental easy:

 1.) Always wear underwear when trying on or wearing a dress.

2.) Complete all spray tanning at least 24 hours before wearing a dress and shower before putting the dress on.  You need to wash the bronzer off so it doesn't smear the dress fabric.

3.) Do not wear perfume.

4.) Do not use Pro Tan tanning products.

5.) Do not eat while wearing a dress.

6.) Remove the dress as soon as you are done with your event.  Excessive sweat can discolor fabrics, especially with spray tan.

7.) If food, blood, makeup, hair product, lotion, or sweat gets on the dress, spot clean with cold water and a white cloth and let air dry.

8.) Remove wrinkles by hanging the dress up and using light steam.  Hanging it in the bathroom while showering usually does the trick.

9.) Do not dry clean, as this will cause the rhinestones to fall off. Dry cleaning involves using chemicals instead of water, which interacts with the rhinestone glue, causing the stones to release.  Cleaning is included with the rental price, so you don't need to clean it before you return it.

10.) Wear appropriate ballroom jewelry to prevent any fabric snags. Ballroom jewelry is specifically made to prevent getting caught on you and your partner's costumes.

11.) Avoid standing on the hemline and make sure shoes will not get caught in skirts.  Your dress should be an appropriate length to prevent this from happening in most situations.

12.) Don't leave the dress unattended in dressing rooms or other unsecure areas, like your car.   

13.) Treat the dress like you own it. We want you to look amazing and the kinder you are to the dresses, the longer they last.  Accidents can happen, but please take good care of the dresses so we can take good care of you!

14.) Place the dress in the plastic bag and send the dress and accessories back on time so that the next lady can enjoy the dress!  

15.) Also, please let us know if a hook has come loose, stones have come off, or straps need fixed.  We want to make sure the dress is in tiptop shape!

I love dancing...

And that is why I started this business.  

After years of renting competition dresses, and being frustrated with process, I decided to put my money where my mouth is.  My goal is to provide you with a great dress, at an affordable price, in a hassle free transaction.  

Finding a fantastic dress is hard.  Finding one you can afford is even harder. That's where we come in!  Save your money for entries and scholarships, while still wearing an eye-catching dress.  Rent a different dress for each competition without breaking your budget.  We do all the hard work, you show up and shine!

I am an actively competing amateur dancer and am constantly scouting for great ballroom dresses to rent, especially designer dresses.  Please check back often to see the new selections!

I would love to earn your business, so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.  As a dancer, I can help you decide on the right dress for you based on your physique, dance level, and event.  For showcase to competition, we can help you find the perfect dress!