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Rent a dazzling ballroom dress for your next competition!

Rent or purchase quality Rhythm, Latin, Standard, or Smooth ballroom dance dresses for your next competition or showcase from sizes 0-18. Designer ballroom dresses at affordable prices!

How (and why) to do a Dress Try On

You've committed to doing a dancesport competition and you realize you need a dress!  Now what?!

Congrats!  Now you get to try on all the fancy sparkling ballroom dresses that you've been eyeing.  Let's start with some basics so you can get a great dress!

1.) All dresses are unique and fit a range of sizes (ex 2-4-6, etc) because they are made of powerstretch lycra so that you can move your body.  Judges wants to see your hip action in latin and make sure your tailbone is tucked in for smooth.  While the dress sizes are approximate, they are a good starting point, and should correlate to your usual dress or jeans size.  

2.) Color and style: Everyone looks different in different colors and cuts, so be sure to pick a variety of dresses, including maybe ones you would not normally like.  You might be surprised how good an asymmetric hemline or plunging neckline looks and you won't know unless you try!  You can also choose dresses that highlight your best areas, like legs, back, or arms.

3.) Height requirements: For smooth and standard dresses, be sure to pick a dress with a skirt that drops no lower than your ankle, otherwise, there is a really good chance you are going to step on the hemline when you lower and step backwards.  This often results in a fall or a heel catch, which can rip the dress or cause a stumble.  Embarrassing!   Don't be that lady!  Latin and rhythm dresses can also catch on skirts, especially heels and shoe buckles, or you can step on long hemlines or fringe and end up on the floor.  Be aware of your skirt length.

4.) When trying on the dress, make sure you feel secure.  All the straps fit appropriately, and the bodysuit is the right size in the bust, waist, hips.  You should feel comfortable and appropriately covered.  If something is showing that you don't want to be showing, if there is a bulge where there shouldn't be one, or the dress hangs low or is too tight, the dress doesn't fit.  They are not all going to be perfect, so find the one that makes you feel confident!  

5.) Pick up to 3 dresses in a size and height that matches your body type, and ORDER THEM EARLY!  The sooner you try them on, the sooner you know what you like, what fits, and what is available.  Eight weeks is a good general guideline. Trying to get a dress within 2 weeks of a competition is difficult, and the dress you want may not be available.  The sooner you try on and decide on a dress, the better selection you will have.  Find and try on a great dress, reserve it ASAP, and then worry about practicing instead of dresses!

Remember, dresses are the sparkle on your dancing and help you feel and look great, but great technique will always outshine a dress!  

To start your Try On process, visit our How To Rent page and be sure to read the Rental Contract and FAQs and Shipping & Returns if you have additional questions.  Feel free to email us for any additional information!  Happy Dancing!